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The Land Market is Better Than It Was a Year Ago

How would you rate the current land real estate market?, an authoritative online resource for advice, knowledge, opinions and trends related to land, is pleased to announce the May Pulse survey results. Based on the findings, the real estate land market is experiencing a rebound. An overwhelming 67.3% of respondents felt the land market was better than it was just one year ago, the informal online survey revealed.

LandThink subscribers, fans, followers and land industry professionals across the country have spoken. Based on their responses, here’s the skinny on the current state of the land real estate market:

67.3% said it’s BETTER than it was a year ago
22% said it’s WORSE than it was a year ago
6.5% said it’s the BEST it has ever been
4.2% said it’s AWFUL and can’t get any worse

For the past month, has been asking for participation in a newly launched monthly survey, the LandThink Pulse. We asked one, straightforward question, in an effort to gather interesting insight into the current land real estate market. LandThink asked participants to rate the current land real estate market choosing from “BETER than it was a year ago”, “WORSE than it was a year ago”, “the BEST it has ever been” an “AWFUL and can’t get any worse”.

The new LandThink Pulse is designed to be fun and interesting for all our subscribers, fans and followers, while providing a “pulse” of the ever-changing land market including an industry perspective on trends, the land market temperature, what areas are thriving or merely surviving and much more. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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