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Land Mines – To Cut… or Not To Cut

This is the second in a series of articles re-visiting some of the more memorable experiences that have occurred over 42 years of land brokerage. To cut…or not to cut deals with the popular idea of removing pines and leaving hardwoods when preparing pasture land.

A few years ago while watching the excavator tear up my pasture removing scattered stumps; I finally “got it”. I had once again tried to preserve the hardwoods when converting a Virginia pine forest to a pasture. It simply doesn’t work. After four years nearly all my hardwoods were either dead or contorted. It’s a hopeless cause. The logging equipment, followed by the excavation equipment packs the root system and the larger trees die in a few years. Smaller trees are top-heavy after having to grow straight up trying to reach sunlight and, with nothing to lean against, they bend over. This also happens when clearing out a wooded lot for a house. From now on I’ll keep the heavy equipment away from the drip-line of the occasional large hardwood that pre-dates the surrounding forest and cut the others.

Steve Metcalf is the owner and broker of Metcalf Land. Seasoned with over forty years of land sales throughout the Carolinas.

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