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Wash Your Land

If you were going to sell your car, more than likely you would wash it, vacuum it, clean the inside, and probably even wax it. Most used car dealerships spend hundreds of dollars “detailing” their vehicles prior to putting them on the lot. Detailing can include not only washing and waxing, but repairing minor dents and dings, paint touch-up, and engine cleaning. They do this because they know this not only helps to sell the vehicle, but helps to sell it for more money. Much more than the cost involved in doing the work. When you go to buy a car, do you pick out the clean and shiny one that looks cared for, or do you choose the dirty one because it looks cheap? Chances are you choose the clean one.

The same principles are applied when people sell their home. People will spend thousands of dollars preparing a home for sale. Painting, landscaping, new carpet and new appliances are just a few of the things used to attract potential buyers and realize a larger profit.

So why is it when it comes to selling land, no one wants to “clean it?” One of the most common phrases we hear from sellers is “I don’t want to do anything to the land, just sell it as it is.” Sellers don’t realize the amount of money that can be left on the table due to the lack of curb appeal displayed by their property. Land sellers need to do things that will make their property shine. One of the easiest and cheapest things is simple mowing, or bush hogging. Like a good washing, mowing allows the buyer to see the property in its best possible light. Bush hogging can be accomplished for as little as $35 per acre.

Why not give the property a good vacuuming? Simply removing debris and disposing of junk stored on the property can make the property easier to show, and therefore easier to sell. These are simple fixes that can be accomplished with little effort and money.

Sometimes, a property requires detailing. Driveway repair, fence repair, fertilization of pastures, timber thinning, surveys, and other minor details can make a world of difference in how quickly a property sells, and at what price. In today’s market, buyers are careful. Look at your property through their eyes. Do you like what you see? What is your initial impression? Don’t allow buyers to see the imperfections in your property. Make sure your land is clean and shiny before you sell it.

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