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Carolinas Ground Zero to Sun Belt Stability

The so called ‘Sun Belt’ has seen steady and consistent growth since the 1970’s. Some consider it really having gotten its legs soon after World War II in the later 1940’s. Regardless, the Sun Belt is still seeing significant population growth and a corresponding push in real estate prices, which average reliable growth each and… Continue Reading

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Tips for Presenting Land for Sale

When selling your commercial or agricultural land, there is a laundry list of quick tips you can follow to ensure a quick sale. Take a step back, look at the plot of land and ask yourself; “would I buy this plot of land?” If you really have to think about it, you need to make… Continue Reading

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What’s Your Land Worth?

For many years the standard reply among our peers was “what someone is willing to pay for it”. Many tracts today are only worth “what someone is able to pay for them.” When it comes to emotionally motivated land purchases the desire to own is as strong as ever. Inquiries are numerous, sales are brisk… Continue Reading

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