Are you Bored? Buy Rural Land

SPARTANBURG, SC (December 06, 2010) – Are you sitting at home bored, and need something constructive to fill up your time? Buy a piece of rural land and there will never be a shortage of things to do again!

Just this morning I was thinking about what needs to be done on the acreage where I live. Here are a few things we have done in the past 6 weeks or so and more that needs to be done:

Yard- mow the grass, trim the walk, poison the fireants, pick up limbs and put on the burn pile, pick up toys and balls laying in the yard, find shoes the dog dragged off, bush hog the fields

Trees- prune the young trees, prune the fruit trees, fertilize fruit trees and berry bushes, prescibed burn on stands of pine trees, trim up low hanging limbs along the fence lines and in the pasture, plant some new fruit trees, spray the privet.

Roads- clear the roads of fallen trees, cut new roads along the perimeter of the property, build bridges to cross the creeks, cut drainage ditches in wet areas along the road, disc the roads and firelanes, fill in holes the varmints have dug.

Fences- identify where the cows are getting through the fence and repair it, mend all broken places and let the neighbor know about his cows trespassing.

Pond- fetilize the lake, stock with crawfish and baitfish, go fishing, trim the banks and cut back brush.

Hunting- prepare soil and plant summer food plots for deer, Take down lock-on stands, build new shooting houses for fall, clear shooting lanes in food plots, fertilize food plots.

Equipment- service riding mowers, change oil in the four-wheelers, sharpen chainsaw blade, replace chainsaw blade after you bend it, fix flat tires.

To some people this sounds like too much work and they want no part of it. To the ones of us who live on the land and love it, this is what makes life fun. The fact that I get to do this with my children and family is icing on the cake. This is not your “job”, this is what you do to unwind and stay sane. Working on the land keeps us connected to something innate in us, a need that God put in man from the start.

This post was written by Jonathan Goode who has written 10 posts on LandThink.