An Ounce of Gold or an Acre of Land?

Yesterday I noticed that the price of gold has risen to $1600 per ounce, and the thought struck me that land in my part of west Alabama is selling for approximately the same price per acre. I posed the question to two local business owners whether they would rather own an ounce of gold or… Read more »

1031 Exchange Requirements

A 1031 exchange is defined by the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 1.1031 as “No gain will be recognized on property held for productive use in business or investment when exchanged for like kind property held for productive use in business or investment.” This means property either real or personal property held for the proper… Read more »

Improving Your Chances of LANDing a Loan

You’ve certainly heard about (or experienced) the reduction in available credit for land purchases. There is still ample money available for higher-quality loans, loans with large down payments, consistent and adequate repayment sources, reasonable amortizations with frequent payments, etc. But the more questionable loans that were easy to get three or four years ago are… Read more »

Information Please? Signs & Symptoms of a Land Specialist

In my most recent article entitled “Your Choice for a Heart Attack… Cardiologist or Orthopedist?” I explained the importance of choosing a specialist – whether having a heart attack or planning to buy/sell land. In the case of a medical specialist, you would certainly expect to find a doctor with extensive experience treating your specific… Read more »

Your Choice for a Heart Attack…Cardiologist or Orthopedist?

So… for the past week, you’ve been experiencing shortness of breath, a slight pain in your chest, radiating down your left arm… and it seems to be getting worse. You recognize that it’s time to see a doctor. The only question is: “Which doctor?” There are many choices: opthomologists, gastroenterologists, orthopedists, cardiologists, and the list… Read more »

Why should I Invest in Pine-Producing Timberlands?

With the condition of today’s economy, many people are very cautious about where they invest their money, and rightfully so. They want to make sure the assets they hold are stable in value and hopefully appreciate, produce a return, and remain relevant in an ever-changing future. They are looking for assets with a proven track-record… Read more »

Evaluate the Market Before You List Your Land

I am sure everyone has heard over and over the saying location, location, location when it comes to real estate. That may hold especially true for residential and commercial markets, but I think it’s less important for the land market particularly the rural, farmland, and hunting land sectors. Usefulness, Use, & Best Use are my… Read more »

Brush Control Options in Fence Lines

If you have fencing on your property, you will need to keep branches, trees and weeds from growing up on fence lines. Why worry about cleaning out brush and weeds from fence lines? Along an electric fence, weeds and brush can short out the fence and allow the livestock to walk through. Removing brush and… Read more »

Wash That Land Before You Try to Sell It, and Fix The Box It Came In!

If you were going to sell your car, in all likelihood you would wash it, probably vacuum it out, and maybe even wax it. If you go to a car lot where professionals are selling cars, most likely they have not only done these things, but have went through the vehicle thoroughly and made it… Read more »