Ducks Unlimited and United Country Launch Recreational Real Estate Search Engine

Ducks Unlimited, the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to conserving North America’s continually disappearing waterfowl habitats, and United Country Real Estate, the nation’s leading real estate company specializing in land and recreational real estate, have recently announced the launch of a new recreational real estate search engine.Located on the Ducks Unlimited website,, the United… Read more »

United Country Real Estate Named Among America’s Top Brokerages by The Land Report

The Land Report recently named United Country Real Estate among the top real estate land brokerage companies in the nation in the article, “America’s Best Brokerages.” Closing approximately $1 billion in land sales annually, United Country is the largest land brokerage listed in this special report, which evaluated the nation’s leading land brokerages based on… Read more »

Buyers- 5 Tips for Previewing Rural Property

Before you head out to preview a piece of rural property, here are a few key tips that will make your next outing more enjoyable, safer, and your time more beneficial. 1. Contact the agent- Touch base with the the agent before heading out to view the property. Arrange for them to meet you and… Read more »

Agent 911-How Can a Seller Help Their Agent?

In today’s market, many properties are competing for the attention of a relatively small pool of buyers. In many instances, properties are getting no attention whatsoever. I know that some properties garner a great deal of attention, so I know there are some willing buyers in the market. The key is positioning your property for… Read more »

If Cash is King, Then is Land Queen?

The old adage that cash is king in real estate transactions has probably been more true over the last few years than ever before due to tight credit markets. If a buyer can put down the cash and close in less than 30 days then a seller is usually willing to make some concessions if… Read more »

Are you sure you want to sell? Pricing your property below the

Several years ago, I saw a comic strip that showed a property owner in different conversations about his property. The scenes were all the same except that the person the owner was talking to was different in each scene. As the property buyer in the first scene, he was pointing out all the property flaws… Read more »

Trails Help Make the Sale

If I could impart two pieces of simple wisdom to landowners about increasing your odds of selling your property they would be: (first) price your property correctly and (second) build and maintain a good internal road or trail system to let prospective buyers see what you are offering. Owners or agents will find it easier… Read more »

Plum Creeks, Bill Carlton is cautiously optimistic about timber demand and timberland sales

Bill Calton, Plum Creek’s Senior Director for Real Estate and Land Management, is cautiously optimistic about the prospects for timberland investors and rural land sales. Plum Creek, a real-estate investment trust (REIT), is a NYSE-listed company that is the Nation’s largest private timberland owner with 7 million acres. Calton oversees Plum Creek’s non-strategic land dispositions… Read more »

Trespass may be easier to forgive than forget

One right that every owner holds in real estate is the expectation of privacy. You can generally keep others from entering and using your property–but not always. In rural areas, trespass is usually someone either taking a shortcut over someone else or using another’s property for recreation, like hunting or ATVing. Country-property owners normally find… Read more »

How a Land Agent Earns His Money

“Why in the world would I pay you a commission to help me sell my land?” This is a fair question for a landowner to ask. Let’s consider a few points, from a land agent’s perspective, on why an agent can be worth the money. I will grant that there are many savvy property owners… Read more »