Are you Bored? Buy Rural Land

SPARTANBURG, SC (December 06, 2010) – Are you sitting at home bored, and need something constructive to fill up your time? Buy a piece of rural land and there will never be a shortage of things to do again! Just this morning I was thinking about what needs to be done on the acreage where… Read more »

How to Chose a Listing Agent for Your Rural Land

“Who should I list my land with?” is a question I was asked this week by an owner in Mississippi. Since this owner was out of my area, I had to do some digging before I referred him to a top-notch land agent. Many landowners are faced with this tough decision once they have decided… Read more »

Be Careful When Buying Family Land

A typical pattern of land division in rural areas is for property to be divided among children following the death of their parents. The founding generation might have started with 1,000 acres. Three or four generations later each lot might contain only 25 to 50 acres. Eventually, a family member sells a piece of the… Read more »

You Can Invest in Land with a Self Directed Retirement Account

You can invest in Land, improved or unimproved with a “Self Directed Retirement Plans” since the IRS has allowed them. No one wants to talk about it. “They”, the investment firms do not make money on a Land transaction because “they” are not licensed real estate agents. Only licensed real estate companies can take commissions… Read more »

Happy Trails to You

Most — but not all — timberland investments require little routine maintenance. But one upkeep job that I recommend is for the landowner to maintain existing roads in usable condition. The reasons to provide continuing road access within a timber tract include: •Fire suppression; •Safety—evacuation in case of accident; •Recreational uses—hiking, horseback riding, ATVing, snowmobiling,… Read more »

LAND:From the Ground Up

Land: What is Land? Land is everything beneath us. Land is a basis of wealth and is handed down through generations as a possession of great value. Land cloths us, feeds us, and provides for our homes. Land provides life for every living thing. Land has not been produced in millions of years yet it… Read more »

Buying and holding rural land is a good strategy

Two real-estate-investing strategies — buy and hold, and buy low; sell high — have worked well for many different types of investors in different types of markets over many years. Of the two, buy and hold is the simpler and likely to be the more profitable for investors in most types of rural land, particularly… Read more »