Land & Property For Sale in Spartanburg, SC

Explore land and property for sale in Spartanburg, South Carolina and find a remarkable location for your new dream home, the perfect place for a new commercial development or land development, or something else. Whatever you are looking for, Metcalf Land Company Inc. has the real estate connections and expertise to help you find land with the features, acreage and location that you need.

Working with buyers, sellers and land developers of all types since 1971, we have helped thousands of clients navigate the complex real estate market all across South Carolina. Our experts will work closely with you throughout the property search, financing and buying process to ensure your questions are answered and help you find a property that is exactly what you need.

The diverse selection of land and property for sale in Spartanburg, South Carolina gives you access to an active, busy and supportive community, while also giving you wide expanses of beautiful, secluded land for all kinds of homes or developments. The county seat of Spartanburg County, the city of Spartanburg is a mid-sized town with a small-town feel. With a convenient location that’s adjacent to major South Carolina highways, living near Spartanburg makes travel easy without putting you directly in the path of hectic travel.

With top-notch schools, two colleges and universities nearby, a colorful shopping center and a wide range of close and remote suburbs, the diverse land and property for sale in Spartanburg, South Carolina is perfect for building a dream home for your family, expanding your farm, or starting a valuable land development.

Tell us what you are looking for and we will help you find land and property for sale in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Looking to sell?  We can help market your property to serious buyers. Get started with your search or sale by calling Metcalf Land Company today at 864-585-0444.

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