How an Accredited Land Consultant Can Help You Sell Rural Land

Are you planning on selling rural land? Have you considered working with an accredited land consultant? Why do so? What Does the Designation Mean? In the real estate business, there’s a designation known as “accredited land consultant.” It’s not an easy designation to get– it takes years to obtain, with over 100 hours of education… Read more »

Why You Should Consider an Equestrian Property in South Carolina

Is there any animal more majestic than horses? Man’s original best friend, horses are amazing creatures, especially when they live on your property. If you’re a horse enthusiast thinking about owning an equestrian property, here’s why you should move forward with your dream. Horse Properties Are a Wonderful Investment Since equestrian properties require the use… Read more »

The Demand for South Carolina Real Estate Continues to Increase

Without question, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused uncertain times and forced businesses in all industries to pivot and adjust to the changing marketplace. In the real estate industry, it has caused angst among realtors, land brokers and owners looking to sell as they wonder what will happen in the marketplace. The South Carolina Market Remains… Read more »

Examples of Land Brokerage Deals

What are some examples of land brokerage deals?  Farm and Ranch Land Deals How about farm and ranch deals? How does one value those… and then market them? Obviously, it’s a niche market that requires a unique skill set. What are some factors involved in farm and ranch deals? Things like weather cycles, crop rotation,… Read more »

Advice for Buying Land With A Lot of Acreage

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about buying some land. You might even like to buy a large amount of “acreage.” What’s some good advice on that subject? A lot of people read a couple lines in an advertisement and it sounds amazing. And the price? So reasonable, too! It can be quite easy to buy land… Read more »