Don’t Buy or Sell Commercial Land Without Guidance from a Real Estate Broker

If you plan to buy or sell commercial land in the Carolinas, then it’s wise to work with a real estate broker. He or she can help you with the complicated process which can include negotiations, special permissions, written agreements, land considerations, local ordinances, etc. In Spartanburg, South Carolina, Metcalf Land Company can help you… Read more »

What You May Not Know About Buying an Equestrian Site

An equestrian estate is a property where you can keep horses. Before you buy such an estate, what are some things to think about? Buying an Equestrian Site in South Carolina For most horse owners, they care so much about their horses so whatever they buy needs to be good for their horse’s health, safety… Read more »

Here’s How You Can Find a Great Country Home Site

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a country home? If that has been on your mind lately, then the next logical step would be finding a country home site. How do you do that? Location First, you’ll want to decide on a location where you’d like to live. With that in mind, visit some areas… Read more »

What Should You Do With a Large Plot of Land?

Metcalf Land Company helps buyers find large plots of land in South Carolina and beyond. Now here’s a good question: “What can I do with a large plot of land?” Agricultural Purposes Large plots can be used for many purposes. Perhaps a main reason people buy large plots of land is for agricultural purposes. They… Read more »

What Should You Know Before You Move to South Carolina?

Have you been thinking about moving to South Carolina? Metcalf Land Company lists many attractive properties for sale that could become your new home! But first, what are some interesting facts to know before moving to South Carolina? The Palmetto State South Carolina is known as The Palmetto State because it has beautiful palmetto trees,… Read more »

There Are Many Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to South Carolina  

Metcalf Land Company helps buyers find land and more for sale in South Carolina. Why are people moving to South Carolina? Why do they choose (and like) this particular state? Weather There’s a good meme going around the Internet and it says, “Nobody moves North for retirement.” If you have ever lived in the Midwest… Read more »

Tips for Taking Care of a Country Property

When you assume ownership of a country property, what are some tips for taking care of it? Country properties often have a lot of lawn to mow. You might need to invest in a riding mower to mow the large lawn yourself, or pay a nearby farmer to mow for you. Your land will probably… Read more »

Why So Many People Love Living in the Country in South Carolina  

Metcalf Land Company helps people find their ideal land and property for sale in the Carolinas, much of which is quite rural and what could best be described as “country living.” Now why do so many people love country living? Can’t Put a Price on Tranquility Today’s modern society is fast, noisy and crowded. If… Read more »

How to Maintain Land with Acreage

Do you own land with acreage? It’s important to maintain it. You might have acres and acres of land that varies– it could include woods, streams, fields and buildings. Now you could ignore all of these things and just leave the land unattended and unmanaged, but then you might encounter major problems in the days… Read more »

What Are the Responsibilities of a Land Broker?

Most people are familiar with real estate agents and know that they tend to deal with the sales of residential properties, right? But what about land brokers? These men and women are in charge of the negotiation and acquisition of land. Land Brokers Help Find a Purpose for Vacant Land Land brokers often work toward… Read more »