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Aerial view of a forest fire with firefighters in an atv on a dirt road, smoke rising and flames spreading through trees.

How to Help Make Your Land Sell

It’s unfortunate, but one of the most common phrases we hear from sellers is “I don’t want to do anything to the land, just sell it as is.” At that point we begin the education process, but sometimes to no avail. Some sellers are just determined to leave significant amounts of money on the table due to the lack of “curb appeal” displayed by their property.

Just like when buying a home or a car, first impressions matter.  Many homeowners will stage their home when selling to make it look more inviting. When selling an automobile, people will have it detailed. Why should land be any different? By preparing the land for sale, the owner can usually increase it’s value and make it more attractive to more potential buyers. Preparing land may involve:

  • Bushhogging
  • Creating walking/ATV trails
  • Forestry mulching
  • Clearing
  • Removing trash
A skid steer loader carrying a load of dirt in a forested area.

All these things can make a difference to a buyer looking for that right piece of land.  And generally, these improvements are tax deductible sales expenses. It’s quite common to see properties that were marketed for many months sell immediately after simply being mowed.

At Metcalf Land Company, we have been helping landowners for over fifty years.  If you have questions about how to maximize the appeal of your  property, give us a call today.