Is a Survey Important?

Man Surveying land

A land survey is used to map out the shape and boundaries of a piece of land. It’s an exact drawing of the dimensions of the parcel, as well as any physical features, both natural and manufactured.

What’s included in a land survey will depend on the depth of the type of survey you plan to conduct. At a minimum, a land survey includes measuring and recording the boundaries of a parcel of land.

Reasons for a land survey include:

  • Finding property lines
  • Meeting mortgage requirements
  • Settling boundary line disputes
  • Locating Right-of-Ways, Easements, and Encroachments
  • Knowing what you are buying
  • Meeting title insurance requirements

Types of Surveys include:

  • Boundary Survey: Shows exact location of property boundaries and corners.
  • ALTA Survey: More detailed than a boundary survey. Usually required by lender and Title Insurance Company.
  • Topographic Survey: Shows contour and natural features of the property.
  • Subdivision Survey: Used to divide a parcel into multiple lots.

Simply put, a land survey will document exactly what your property is and where it is located.  It’s important to make sure your survey is up to date and shows any new improvements and property features.