Accredited Land Consultants

As a BUYER or SELLER in today’s complex land real estate market, you need the expertise of a professional who can provide up-to-date knowledge, specialized real estate services and ethical real estate practices. In short, you need a proven leader in land brokerage – a real estate professional whose training and dedication has earned him the highly regarded designation of Accredited Land Consultant, ALC.

Today, there are an estimated 3 million licensed real estate agents in the United States.  Of those 3 million agents, only 613 have earned the designation of Accredited Land Consultant.


What are the benefits of working with an Accredited Land Consultant?

Office Staff walking in the woodsKnowledge
An Accredited Land Consultant has extensive and proven transaction-based experience and up-to-date training in the complexities of the land real estate market. You can rely on an ALC’s market knowledge and experience in finding and evaluating land investments.


An Accredited Land Consultant has the advanced knowledge, training and expertise to advise you on the highest and best uses for your property. That advanced training translates to innovative solutions for unique property transactions and the know-how to facilitate the development process in land use changes.

An ALC specializes in land real estate. That means peace-of-mind for you and knowing that the largest investment you may ever make is in skilled, experienced, and ethical hands.

If you are looking for just the right property, or want to sell land you already own, an Accredited Land Consultant can tap into a vast network of land professionals. ALC members regularly attend REALTOR sponsored marketing sessions to represent their clients and listed properties and be the first to learn about new product coming to market.

Tax Benefits
Accredited Land Consultants are experienced and knowledgeable about the intricacies of today’s tax laws and regulations. Your ALC can work with your accountant and attorney to make certain you benefit from maximum tax savings from the sale or the purchase of your property, including tax-deffered exchange techniques.

Government Regulations
An Accredited Land Consultant can advise you about the many laws and regulations which can and often do affect the purchase or sale of land.

Return on Investment
An ALC keeps careful watch on market trends and will explore all of the possibilities for your property. An ALC will help you maximize your return on land investments and value appreciation goals.

Ethical Representation
Accredited Land Consultants abide by strict code of ethics, so you can be assured that your ALC has your best interest as the number one goal in helping you buy or sell land.

(The above information was taken from the ALC Brochure provided by the REALTORS® Land Institute)