Land & Property For Sale in Cross Anchor, SC

For more than 40 years, Metcalf Land Company, Inc. has helped connect landowners and land buyers in Cross Anchor, SC. If you have been thinking about purchasing an investment property in the Cross Anchor area, our family owned business can show you the options you have based on your needs. We can also help landowners figure out the best possible way to sell off larger plots of land.

A Little Information & Background About Cross Anchor, SC

Named after a tavern sign that featured two anchors crossing on the front of it, Cross Anchor, SC is a small town with a population that hovers just over 100. But it’s home to the Musgrove Mill State Historic Site that was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. It also features a wide variety of different land types in it, including forests, fields, and pastures that would be ideal for farms, plantations, ranches, and even dream homes.

Types of Land or Property Available in Cross Anchor, South Carolina

  • Waterfront Properties
  • Estate Home Sites
  • Recreational Land
  • Hunting Property
  • Camping Property
  • Commercial Development
  • Industrial Development
  • Timberland
  • Homes with Acreage
  • Equestrian Properties
  • Agricultural Land
  • Farming Land
  • Country Home Sites
    …And other Lots & Land

How the Process Works

Would you like to purchase land in Cross Anchor, SC and build a farm, ranch, or investment property on it? To do it, simply reach out to Metcalf Land Company, Inc. and tell us about the type of land you’re looking for. Let us know what your budget is, too, in addition to your ideal location. From there, we’ll work diligently to match you up with the type of property you want in no time.

Current Land & Property Listings for Cross Anchor, SC

If you’d like see the current land and property listings for Cross Anchor, SC, you can take a look at our land and property map page. Additionally, you can contact us directly to inquire about any of the properties you see for sale.

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