If you are looking for a mix of rural and urban, Metcalf Land Company Inc. can help you find land and property for sale in Union, South Carolina that is quiet, serene and close to urban amenities.

Since 1971, we have worked with homeowners, sellers, land developers, farmers, ranchers and new visitors looking for their perfect property. With wide open properties, spanning hundreds or thousands of acres, as well as smaller properties that are perfect for a quaint townhome, we will take your needs, budget and preferences into account while helping you find the ideal property.

Your land is one of your most valuable assets, and the features, location and acreage you have will determine its present and future value. Metcalf Land Company will help you find remote rural property or land closer to the city that offers the space, features and resources that you need.

Located near the Greenville-Spartanburg metropolitan area, yet far enough off the trail to give you seclusion and solitude, property for sale in Union, South Carolina provides an ideal blend of urban and rural. With access to the latest real estate opportunities to hit the market, including homes in town, remote ranches, forested areas, fields, pastures and more, we can help you find the perfect home or real estate plot.

Find land and property for sale in Union, South Carolina that meets your needs and make your home or business in this beautiful and welcoming community. Whether you are looking for a remote getaway with plenty of space, a new house in a small town, or a centrally located home in an urban area, we will help you find it. Get started with your property search today by calling Metcalf Land Company at 864-585-0444.

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