Here’s How You Can Find a Great Country Home Site

Country home on land  with acreage

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a country home? If that has been on your mind lately, then the next logical step would be finding a country home site. How do you do that?


First, you’ll want to decide on a location where you’d like to live. With that in mind, visit some areas you “think” you might like and spend time in these places, during the day and at night, too. See what kind of things go on in the area– for instance, does a train pass through at certain times, making a lot of noise? Are there wandering farm animals or tractors on the roads? What kind of amenities are nearby? Would you have a nice place to go grocery shopping and/or to church? These are some things to think about when searching for a country home site.


Once you have in mind some locations that interest you, come up with a budget range. For instance, maybe you’d say, “I can afford something in the range of $200,000 to $300,000.” Having a budget range can narrow down your choices. This way you can look at properties within your budget range and hopefully get a good deal.

Current State

If and when you happen upon a property you truly like, then consider its condition. For example, if there’s already a house on the property, how old is it? Is it move-in ready or should it be demolished? Are utilities available? What’s the heating system situation like? Is it a property that seems well taken care of over the years? Perhaps commission a professional survey/inspection. Consider repair costs. Assess the level of maintenance you’d have to give to the land/garden area, too. Check out the irrigation and drainage systems and check to see if there’s a septic system on the property and/or if it’s connected to a sewer.

Word of Mouth

Besides living at a country home, there’s also the issue of neighbors. Would you have any? If so, how close (or far) would they be? If possible, talk with potential neighbors and see what they say about a property and a neighborhood– you’ll learn a lot in a short time.

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