How to Maintain Land with Acreage

New landowners surveying their land and deciding on how maintain their acreage

Do you own land with acreage? It’s important to maintain it. You might have acres and acres of land that varies– it could include woods, streams, fields and buildings. Now you could ignore all of these things and just leave the land unattended and unmanaged, but then you might encounter major problems in the days to come since you didn’t deal with the land you own.

Map It Out

To best maintain your land with acreage you should have a drawn-out map of what you have, and then think about what you want to do with certain areas. For example, maybe part of the land will be used for camping while another part would be for an orchard or garden. It’s a good idea to have a map of what you’ve got.

Mowing Plan

Next you should consider mowing parts of your land. When you mow, you’re keeping the grass and foliage down to a decent level so you avoid getting snakes, rodents, ticks and other wildlife from taking up residence. This is especially a good idea if you’ve got a building such as a house on the property. Mowing is a good way to define boundaries of your land– letting you and others know where one area stops and another starts. A heavy-duty riding lawn mower with a mulcher is a good thing to own and use if you have lots of land.

Shaded Areas

If you have large stretches of grass, consider planting some trees which will provide shade. If you have kids, create a play area on the land– you could put in a pool, a tennis court, a soccer field, etc. Add a gazebo or a shed if you want– that way you have a place to relax and/or a place to store stuff. It’s your land– utilize it and enjoy it.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Maintaining land with acreage is a good idea because nothing will get “out of hand.” You’d be surprised at how many landowners rarely, if ever, set foot on their land, only to discover something problematic that requires a lot of time and money to deal with at an inopportune time. Just like a house likes to be lived in, and a car likes to be driven, land likes to be managed.

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