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What Should You Do With a Large Plot of Land?

Metcalf Land Company helps buyers find large plots of land in South Carolina and beyond. Now here’s a good question: “What can I do with a large plot of land?” Agricultural Purposes Large plots can be used for many purposes. Perhaps a main reason people buy large plots of land is for agricultural purposes. They… Read more »

Advice for First Time Farmland Buyers

Aerial Shot of Agriculture Land in South Carolina

Are you thinking about buying farmland in South Carolina? Is this the first time you’ve looked into purchasing agricultural land? If so, here are some things you should consider as you research your options.  Consider the type of utilities you’ll need and research whether a specific property you’re interested in has them. You’ll want to… Read more »

3 Reasons to Invest in Agriculture Land in South Carolina

Agriculture Land in South Carolina

Are you looking for a new career path that involves spending time outdoors? Or do you want diversify your portfolio invest in an industry that has been around since what seems like forever? If you answered yes to either question, then investing in agriculture land in South Carolina may be right for you. Here are… Read more »

Benefits of Owning Farmland

Farmland Benefits

When people envision farmland, they often think of cows, chickens, and a bright red barn. However, when you look at an open piece of farmland, you’re really looking at opportunity for profit. Whether or not you’re a farmer yourself, farmland is an excellent investment that will provide returns for years to come. So, what are… Read more »