What You May Not Know About Buying an Equestrian Site

An equestrian estate is a property where you can keep horses. Before you buy such an estate, what are some things to think about?

Horses at pasture at country home during sunrise

Buying an Equestrian Site in South Carolina

For most horse owners, they care so much about their horses so whatever they buy needs to be good for their horse’s health, safety and well-being.

Horses don’t do well with steep slopes, marshes or heavily wooded areas. Ideally, an equestrian estate doesn’t have poorly draining, rocky soil and is relatively flat with not too many trees. Also, horses drink a lot of water, so make sure the property has access to lots of water. Look for a place with a deep well with high yield. Also, figure out where the manure pile could go.

As for barns, with horse farms you ideally want a barn with horse stalls and room to store equipment. Is there a secure tack room on site? Is there a feed room? Is the place lacking anything you need?

What about pastures? Pastures should have “run-in sheds” where horses can get out of the sun or rain or wind. Also, check the fences. They should be strong and sturdy without loose nails or barbed wire.

Are there “ride out” trails off the property? What are area surfaces made of? Is there access for vets, farriers and trailers? Is there plenty of room for parking and farm equipment? These are just some of the questions to ask when considering the purchase of an equestrian estate.

Obviously, buying a horse farm isn’t something most people do– but if you are one of the unique people in this world who’s seriously considering an equestrian estate– that’s great. And Metcalf Land Company of Spartanburg, South Carolina, can help you find the site in the Carolinas that should work well for you– just call 864-585-0444 for more info.