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The Signs of a Bad Land Broker

What are some signs you’ve connected with a bad real estate broker? Poor Communication Communication is key. If you’re trying to get your broker on the phone and it seems like they never answer, that’s a sign they’re probably not the best person for the job. You shouldn’t have to wait hours or days for… Read more »

What is a Disclosed Dual Agency?

If you were to study to become a realtor, you’d learn about a real estate-specific term called “dual agency.” Though most of you reading this aren’t real estate agents, it’s good for those who buy and sell real estate to know about this concept as it pertains to the business. What is a Dual Agency?… Read more »

Where Should You Start When Finding a Land Broker?

Few things are more exciting than buying a plot of land you can call your own. Nevertheless, in an addition to being an exciting process, it can also be prove to be a nerve wrecking endeavor, especially if you’re not confident in the land broker you’re working with. As such, what are examples of things… Read more »

The Process of Choosing a Land Broker

Land Broker

If you’re thinking of buying or selling land, it’s a little bit different than traditional real estate which deals with residential homes, right? When looking for a land broker– someone to help you with the deal– what are some things to ask him or her? Experience Level First, find out what kind of experience the… Read more »

Tips for Buying a Development Property

Development Land in South Carolina

Often times, the only limits to purchasing real estate is your imagination. The one constant we have in life is change, but with change comes new opportunity. This is especially true in developmental properties, where you can turn a piece of land filled with trees and shrubs into one that provides you with income and… Read more »

The Importance of Having a Land Market Analysis Done

Land Market Analysis

Are you planning to put land up for sale at some point in the near future? Before you list it, you should strongly consider having a land market analysis done. A land market analysis will let you know everything you need to know about your land and how much it might be worth based on… Read more »

Reasons to Use an Accredited Land Consultant

Land in South Carolina

If you’re planning on buying or selling a piece of property, it’s a good idea to have an Accredited Land Consultant, also known as an ALC, by your side. An ALC is a real estate agent who has taken part in the Land University Education Program offered by the REALTORS Land Institute. ALCs have the… Read more »