The Signs of a Bad Land Broker

Hard working land broker at his desk

What are some signs you’ve connected with a bad real estate broker?

Poor Communication

Communication is key. If you’re trying to get your broker on the phone and it seems like they never answer, that’s a sign they’re probably not the best person for the job. You shouldn’t have to wait hours or days for a response. These days, brokers have access to their phones, as well as texts and emails, pretty much all the time, so if they’re ignoring you, that’s a sign you need to look for someone else to handle your real estate needs.

Limited Stake

Is the broker fully committed to their job or is it a part-time gig? Ideally, you want to work with someone who makes real estate their full time profession.

Red Flags

Do they seem too pushy? That can be annoying! You don’t want someone forcing you into making decisions without giving you some time and space to think about things.

Do you feel like you’re being lied to, or not being told the whole truth? That’s definitely a red flag. If you’ve got a “bad feeling” in your gut about someone, avoid working with them.

Are they not familiar with the market? That’s a sign they’re not the right broker for you. You want to work with someone who knows the market well.

No Referrals

When you’re looking to work with a real estate broker, it’s a good idea to get a recommendation from a trusted referral. Ideally, you want to work with an experienced broker in your area who is used to working with your price point. For instance, if a broker is used to selling $80,000 mobile homes, and you have a mobile home, that’s a good fit. Or if they deal with million dollar farm properties and you have an expansive farm, they’re a good fit.

After your first in-person meeting with a potential broker, how do you feel about it all? Were they confident and prepared, offering you better clarity about what can happen? It’s very important that you feel heard and understood.

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