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What Should You Know Before You Move to South Carolina?

Have you been thinking about moving to South Carolina? Metcalf Land Company lists many attractive properties for sale that could become your new home! But first, what are some interesting facts to know before moving to South Carolina? The Palmetto State South Carolina is known as The Palmetto State because it has beautiful palmetto trees,… Read more »

How to Best Negotiate a Land Deal

You spot a piece of land and think, “Maybe I could own that– I wonder how much it is?” Eventually, you find out who owns that land and it’s time to negotiate a deal. The seller wants to feel like they’re getting a good deal, as does the buyer, right? So, how should a land… Read more »

The Signs of a Bad Land Broker

What are some signs you’ve connected with a bad real estate broker? Poor Communication Communication is key. If you’re trying to get your broker on the phone and it seems like they never answer, that’s a sign they’re probably not the best person for the job. You shouldn’t have to wait hours or days for… Read more »

What is a Disclosed Dual Agency?

If you were to study to become a realtor, you’d learn about a real estate-specific term called “dual agency.” Though most of you reading this aren’t real estate agents, it’s good for those who buy and sell real estate to know about this concept as it pertains to the business. What is a Dual Agency?… Read more »

The Real Estate Market in South Carolina Remains Robust

Ariel Shot of Land in South Carolina

If you have endured an Upstate New York winter, you know it can get downright cold and snowy for weeks on end… and Northerners rarely see the sun. In other words, winter can be brutal in some parts of the country. It’s no wonder, then, that Northerners flock to Southern states as snowbirds. Some even… Read more »

Purchasing Country Land Might Benefit Your Health

Purchasing Land Real Estate

Living in the country usually results in life moving at slower and more relaxed pace compared to big cities in the United States.  Many people prefer living in suburban or rural areas just to get away from the hustle and bustle. However, people that choose to live within country landscape tend to lead healthier lives…. Read more »

Three Benefits to Purchasing Land

Many of us own homes and we are familiar with the process of purchasing one and committing to that investment. However, purchasing land is an investment but most people aren’t well educated on the subject. For those of us that do own land, we realize that purchasing land comes with major benefits that are worth… Read more »