Why Sellers Should Have a Land Survey Completed

If you’re thinking about selling land in South Carolina, it’s prudent to do more than just throw a “for sale” sign up there. With proper marketing and other analytical tools, you are for more likely to maximize the value of your asset and find qualified leads.

One such tool is a land survey. Simply put, a land survey quantifies the boundaries, dimensions, locations and other features of a particular site. Here are some of the reasons why a seller should consider a land survey before putting their property on the market.

It Prevents Future Headaches

Few things are more frustrating in the real estate process than thinking you’ve made real progress with a potential buyer, only to experience a hiccup that sends you back to square one. The land survey catches issues that could arise during the negotiation process, and allows you to get out in front and stay ahead of the curve. This is especially true for land with acreage, since, for example, it could be found that fences are way off, and the amount of acreage your selling is either less (angering the buyer) or more (meaning you’re leaving money on the table). Either way, by obtaining quantified data, you will know exactly what you’re dealing with and you’ll be able to truly sell the property as is.

It Points Out Hazards You May Have to Deal With

One surefire way to get less money than you originally hoped for is for a lead to find a hazard on the property, such as a sinkhole. Often, these issues are ones that sellers could fix to ensure it wasn’t a problem come negotiating time.

It Can Add Value to Your Property

Of course, when selling land, your number one goal is to obtain the best price possible. A property survey can provide a tremendous ROI, since it gives buyers a true look at the property’s dimensions, and leads may be more likely to meet asking price when they know exactly what they’re getting. Alternatively, some of the unique dimensions of your acreage could make your property more attractive to their needs.

Those are just some of the many benefits of having a survey done on land you’re selling in South Carolina. If you need the maximizing the sale of your property, contact the brokerage experts at Metcalf Land Company today.