Land Value Depends on Where You are Standing

So the story goes something like this… The young farm boy comes to his boss and asks, “So, what is old Mr. Henry’s farm worth?” The old farmer looks over at the young man, tips his hat back and says “well son, it all depends on whether you are buying or selling.” The economics of… Read more »

Selling Farmland or a Ranch: IRC Section 121 and Section 1031

When selling farmland or a ranch that has both a primary residence and land, it is important to consider the tax consequences of Internal Revenue Code Section 121 and Section 1031. Vacant land can be sold along with a primary residence, utilizing the $250,000 ($500,000 married filing jointly) exclusion given the property was owned and… Read more »

Carolina’s RLI Chapter Merger

The North Carolina Chapter of the REALTORS® Land Institute (NCRLI) is pleased to announce that we have successfully voted to merge with the South Carolina RLI (SCRLI) Chapter to form the Carolina’s Chapter of RLI as of May 24th, 2012. Christina Asbury ALC, President of NCRLI, worked together with Rod Rogers ALC, President of SCRLI,… Read more »

The Client I Don’t Want

I am not going to work with every person that calls or emails me about buying land. Because time is our most precious and limited resource, land agents have to be selective about who we put in the truck and go look at properties with. A phone conversation with a new agent and an email… Read more »

The Land Market is Better Than It Was a Year Ago

How would you rate the current land real estate market?, an authoritative online resource for advice, knowledge, opinions and trends related to land, is pleased to announce the May Pulse survey results. Based on the findings, the real estate land market is experiencing a rebound. An overwhelming 67.3% of respondents felt the land market… Read more »

1031 Exchange Tax Rules

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) requires the knowledge of many 1031 exchange tax rules. Violation of just one can jeopardize the tax deferral. In addition to the federal requirements, each state can legislate their own requirements as have Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia and Maine. The state provisions focus on… Read more »

Presentation: Get Your Land on a Buyer’s Short List

“If the rest of the property is like this, then I’ve seen enough. Let’s go.” These are generally not words you want to hear during the first 5 minutes of a showing on a large piece of rural property, but it happened to a co-worker of mine a few weeks ago after he drove over… Read more »


TRACTS FROM 14-1700 ACRES Metcalf Land Company, Inc. has recently been authorized to reduce the prices on over 10,000 acres of former timber industry lands that it is marketing in the Upstate and Piedmont Regions of South Carolina. This sale is for a limited time only. After 90 days all remaining tracts will be bid… Read more »

Is Your Agent Marketing Your Land in the Right Places?

When you decide to sell your land – whether it be farmland, timberland, ranchland or hunting land, be sure to ask the agent about the websites where your land will be listed. After you ask about websites then ask about social media websites. We’ll do a two-part series and cover social media next time so… Read more »

Land is a Safe Investment

Economic uncertainty and turmoil around the world is leaving investors looking for a “safe” place to invest money. There are as many different investment strategies as there are investment gurus touting the safest place to invest your money in this economy. But what really constitutes a “safe investment” these days? Currently in most of the… Read more »