An Overview of Buying Land in South Carolina

Are you looking to buy some land in South Carolina? Whether you’re interested in doing it so you can build your dream home or put up a commercial property, it’s important to know the best ways to go about buying land. Otherwise, you could end up with a piece of land that you can’t even… Read more »

Is a Home in the Country Right For You?

The Metcalf Land Company, Inc., specializes in the sale of acreage, farms, timberlands and recreational properties in Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina– rural areas where you could conceivably have/build a “home in the country.” Oftentimes, those who never grew up in the country end up moving to the country in order to get… Read more »

Why People Love to Invest in Waterfront Properties in South Carolina

Purchasing a waterfront property will often cost you slightly more than a property located somewhere else. However, there are myriad, amazing benefits that come along with living near a body of water. If you’ve been thinking about buying waterfront property sometime soon, consider these benefits that you’ll get to enjoy. You’ll be surrounded by the… Read more »

Things to Consider When Buying an Industrial Property

Are you currently searching for an industrial property for your company? Whether you’re looking for a large warehouse to store goods or a small facility suitable for manufacturing, you can find a great property if you know what you’re looking for. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider when buying an industrial property…. Read more »

What Should You Know About Buying Timberland Property?

Land covered with forest that’s suitable or managed for timber is called timberland. Timber, by the way, is wood prepared for use in building and carpentry. Have you ever thought of buying timberland property? Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier to find than it used to be. Value When looking for timberland property to buy… Read more »

The Benefits of Buying a Home With Acreage

Do you want to know a main reason why people move out of the city and find themselves a nice place with plenty of acres around them? Basically, people are tired of being so close to other people! They want some privacy. One way to ensure that is to buy a home with acreage. That… Read more »

Tips for Buying an Equestrian Property in South Carolina

If you are looking to buy equestrian property where people can enjoy keeping and riding horses, what are some tips for choosing a good place? Budget First, consider your budget and look for land that you can afford. Keep in mind you might have to pay for updates and improvements to the land and property… Read more »

Reasons to Use an Accredited Land Consultant

If you’re planning on buying or selling a piece of property, it’s a good idea to have an Accredited Land Consultant, also known as an ALC, by your side. An ALC is a real estate agent who has taken part in the Land University Education Program offered by the REALTORS Land Institute. ALCs have the… Read more »

Things to Consider When Buying Hunting Land in South Carolina

If you love hunting and you’re tired of doing it on other people’s property or public land, you might be thinking about buying hunting land of your own. It could potentially be a great investment for you and your family and friends, and it could help you enjoy hunting even more than you already do…. Read more »

Top Five Reasons You Need An ALC When Selling Land

We all know the old saying ‘the customer is always right’. Usually, it’s applied to restaurants and retail stores, but at the REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI), we think customer service is just as important in the land industry. Land sellers can expect an unprecedented level of expertise from any Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) that can help ensure… Read more »