4 Preparations You Need To Perform Before Selling Your Land

Selling your farmland can be a difficult decision to make. There are so many memories of farm life, but it may be the right time for you and your family to move on to your next phase in life. If you are planning on selling your land soon, follow these four tips for selling success…. Read more »

South Carolina’s Forests

FOREST AREA South Carolina has 13 million acres of forestland –67% of the state’s total land area. Hardwood timber types occupy over 52% of the state’s forestland. Softwoods occupy 48%. SC’s forestland acreage has averaged 12.6 million acres since 1968. The 2012 forest inventory found there are 2.3 million more acres of forestland than there… Read more »

The Numbers on Productive Timberland

Compared to the rest of the country, private investment in land across the state of South Carolina is especially high. The high proportion of privately-owned land is on timberland thanks to its high return on investment. And it is no mistake this happens to be in the Palmetto State; these private investors know what they’re… Read more »

Timberland Very Attractive in Today’s Market

Timberland Very Attractive in Today’s Market Timberland assets attract investors with the three basic components attracting investors to any commodity; it safely preserves capital; it consistently appreciates; and offers diversification. Timberland historically provides a long-term option to protect, hold and increase wealth. Owning timberland acts as a buffer from your riskier, higher-fluctuating vehicles in your… Read more »

Top Reasons to Retire with Acreage in the Upstate

If you have decided to retire and are looking for a place to “get away from it all”, purchasing acreage in the Upstate may be the perfect remedy to help you truly relax in this new phase of your life. There are a variety of things that make purchasing land in the Upstate such a… Read more »