Advice for Buying Land With A Lot of Acreage

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about buying some land. You might even like to buy a large amount of “acreage.” What’s some good advice on that subject? A lot of people read a couple lines in an advertisement and it sounds amazing. And the price? So reasonable, too! It can be quite easy to buy land… Read more »

Why Do Waterfront Properties Cost More Money?

Has it always been your dream to live in a home that sits right on the water? If so, you’re probably going to find that most waterfront homes cost more than homes that aren’t right next to a body of water. It’ll force you to decide whether or not it’s worth paying a little bit… Read more »

A Guide to Investing in Timberland in South Carolina

Are you interested in potentially investing in some land in South Carolina? If so, there are many different types of land that you can buy, including everything from land located on a waterfront to agricultural land that is set up perfectly for the purposes of farming. There is also lots of timberland in South Carolina,… Read more »