Tips for Taking Care of a Country Property

Man on tractor mowing his lawn on a country home in South Carolina

When you assume ownership of a country property, what are some tips for taking care of it?

Country properties often have a lot of lawn to mow. You might need to invest in a riding mower to mow the large lawn yourself, or pay a nearby farmer to mow for you. Your land will probably have several trees and bushes that eventually need some trimming work done, so keep that in mind, too.


If you want to define your property and/or keep certain animals in or out of the property, then you might want to install a fence around the property’s key area. Fences can help keep your property somewhat secure from intruders. That said, it usually takes law enforcement a while to respond to properties that are “way out in the country,” so it’s not unusual for owners to own their own shotguns and/or have guard dogs on the property. It’s also a smart idea to make friends with neighbors who can serve as “eyes and ears” of anything suspicious going on around the area. They can also be helpful in a time of need, especially if there’s an emergency.

Water Source

What about water on the property? Most country properties utilize well water for their water supply. If you do this, make sure your well is inspected and serviced annually to make sure it’s working properly. You might want to install a generator in case “the power goes out” but you still want to power the pump. Also, find out if there’s a septic system/septic tank on the property. If so, it might need to be pumped out every couple years.


If you want to improve your “driveway,” then add some stones over dirt to give you better traction, especially when it rains. Most country folks don’t worry about paving long driveways, but opt for cheaper stones instead.

Propane tanks are commonly seen on country properties. Propane is used to heat houses affordably.

Want some more tips about country life? Ask anyone who lives in a rural area, and they’ll surely give you some good ideas.

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